Suicidal Teen Help

If you think you have a suicidal teen that is experiencing depression problems, see if the following is what your teen is experiencing. Maybe your teen feels sad, discouraged, alone, and tired. These feelings may seem scary, confusing, and overwhelming, especially if they think they're the only one feeling this way. An A student can […]

Teen Behavioral Problems

What your son isn't telling you … … Could be exactly the issues causing your teen's current behavioral problems. How can you tell if your teen's behavior is a problem? Is it a behavioral disorder, such as oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), conduct disorder, attachment disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit […]

Teen Drug Abuse

… the destructive signs of teen drug abuse and alcohol abuse with your troubled teen? Destructive signs of teen drug problems and teen alcohol abuse can easily be seen in your teen if you know what to look for. Here are some of the following things to look for with addiction in a drug abuse […]

Helping Troubled Teens

Finding the suitable help for your troubled teen becomes difficult when parents don't know what to look for when determining if their teen is troubled. Another factor is what to look for in various types of schools, programs or treatment centers that are available for providing help for troubled teens. There are several important factors […]

Residential Treatment

Helping parents find the right care for their teen can be a confusing situation with so many youth programs and options that are out there. The following types of specialty schools and programs are effective sources of treatment in getting your teen help: Residential treatment centers Program for troubled teens Schools for troubled teens Boarding […]

The Liahona Treatment Center Learning Center

This page is dedicated to parents of troubled teens.  This is the place where we provide valuable information about "treatment", "education", "therapy", and resources".  Our focus is to help parents of troubled boys find the most updated articles regarding treatment and education. To view the articles please click on the links below. ADD and ADHD […]

There is Hope for Troubled Boys

At Liahona Academy we believe that bringing families together and healing the delicate bond of "family" is a major part of the restoration process. There is hope! We feel that taking families through a step-by-step therapeutic process results in total restoration.  It is critical that together, Liahona and the families, ensure complete success in order […]

We Address the Root Problems | Troubled Teens

At Liahona Academy we focus on the root problems that have led to a "troubled life".  We hone in on the problems and issues that are associated with defiance, rebellion, and poor impulse control (making poor choices).  The issues that you face as a parent of a struggling teen can become "beyond your ability" to […]

We Restore Families | Troubled Boys

Liahona Academy is known by parents as a premier Residential Treatment Center for troubled boys that specializes in "family restoration".  One of our goals is to heal the family and restore hope.  How do we do it?  We start and finish with family restoration. For more information about enrollment call 855-587-1416. We serve boys who […]

Help is Here | Helping Troubled Boys | Liahona Academy

Liahona Academy, is an outstanding therapeutic school program for troubled boys. Liahona has been helping troubled teens and their families since 2002. Our therapeutic school program is based on the effective philosophy of positive peer culture and experiential therapy.  For immediate enrollment please call 855-587-1416 today. At Liahona Academy we believe that boys thrive in […]